Friday, July 18, 2014

Born of the Bleeding Hall II :: Diving Back In

I've sort of stepped away from miniatures over the past month or two, starting this blog but taking time away from my larger project, The Unkindness at Istvaan. Having not actually finished the first Bastion, I'd say the hobby has sort of ground to a halt for me, where I spend an hour or so at my hobby desk almost every day, but never do much but turn parts around and think about what to do with them. 

That being said, some great hobbyists have been posting new work and it has gotten me excited to dive back into my truescale marines. In particular, if anyone seeing this isn't familiar with the work of Apologist, his blog, and variety of project logs, are definitely worth checking out. (again and again and again) With the recent undertaking of re-basing his older Ultramarines army, he has put up plenty of new photos, and has gotten me thinking about new approaches to old projects. To that end, I've started separating out parts to restructure my Legion in progress. I should post some 30k stuff soon, but until then...

Thanks for looking,

B. Wright