Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lets start with a photo...

So, as you can see, almost no work at all has begun on the truescale project as I would like to see it. With another term of college nearly finished and my free-time addiction to Far Cry 4 coming to it's sensible end point, I see a lot of work hobby work in my immediate future. After finally caving and making a small parts order (jump-packs and dreadnought torso), I am prepared to dive into the first contingent of Imperial Fists.

Contrary to my previous post, I will not be starting a Blood Angels force, despite the new wave of lovely parts available. I still think a truescale Blood Angels army could be gorgeous, but Imperial Fists hold a place closer to my heart and I have a number of ideas on how to set them apart. I realize the image is sort of sloppy, with the text hurriedly slapped on and the background of dirty dishes, but please bear with me.

I quite like the idea of twenty model tactical squads, and will be starting there. The squad, temporarily titled Bulwark Tactical, marked with a Roman numeral "I" and led by a full command group (sergeant, vexilla, and vox), will theoretically tie up enemy infantry while the second part of this project crashes in from the flanks. This second squad (not yet named Assault) will potentially be doubled in size, but for the moment consists of five models with chainswords and bolt pistols. After this, work can begin on the Breacher or Seeker squad. I am as of yet undecided on which I will build, but suspect that by the time twenty-five models are built and painted, I will have the intent to build both units. The Dreadnought is something that I've fiddled with periodically, and will continue to do so; I can't say for certain when it will be finished, but the plan is to give the model a twin linked Heavy Bolter and a Power Scourge, as per the old metal chaos dreadnought. By this time, the army will need a leader, so I will be making a champion or low-ranking captain and a standard bearer. As I end with that, I should mention that the only squad which has been lain out with the appropriate legs are the Assault Marines. Any other unit will have legs selected as the project continues, so have no fear, that final command group will not be in the same squatting pose, side by side.

The boxes on which I have set these parts will house Tactical Squads. There are a number of other wood cases that will carry the other models, but for now, I have set aside this box for the first Tactical Squad, and its twin for the theoretical second Tactical Squad.

Thanks for looking, hopefully a closer look at the first few models will be up before I visit family for the holidays.